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Josko is among the leading manufacturers of European windows and doors. In terms of design, innovation and quality Josko has continuously set new trends and benchmarks for the whole industry. Today we are a full-range supplier of windows, all-glass systems including lift-and-slide-doors, front and interior doors, sun shading solutions as well as natural wood floors. Our premium products are developed and manufactured in Austria. We are driven by our passion for technology, innovation, design, ecological awareness and creating lasting value for our customers.

Our windows, doors and all-glass systems are not just windows, doors and all-glass systems. We believe that our products are a centerpiece of your home.

Josko's vision is rooted in over 55 years of craftsmanship. We believe in:

  • Continuous innovation.
  • Smart technology.
  • Affordable quality.
  • Timeless, beautiful design.
  • Sustainable production.
  • Future-focused living concepts.
The new harmony of living

The complete Josko product range matches in terms of design, symmetry, colours and materials, which allows you to harmoniously combine your windows, front doors, interior doors and natural wood floors.

With a passion for detail, the Josko Smart Mix creates an unprecedented warm and cosy atmosphere that appeals to all the senses. Wood is selected and processed using traditional craftsmanship, refined with special oils and colour matched with windows and doors. For the first time, this combination allows one complete aesthetic experience for your entire home. From flooring to matching skirting boards and stairs, windows, interior and front doors – the Josko Smart Mix creates a level of harmony that simply looks and feels good.

Truly frameless all-glass system

Josko has been a pioneer of all-glass systems since 2004. With FixFrame Blue Vision, Josko sets a new architectural standard in terms of performance, aesthetics and versatility. FixFrame Blue Vision offers an uncompromising, truly framless design that allows for full-height solutions and passive house-grade thermal insulation and weather tightness. FixFrame Blue Vision is optimized to be combined with other Josko products, such as lift-and-slide-doors, fixed elements or front doors. When it comes to avantgarde design, it is the details that set you apart.


Our design windows are completely flush with the glass and frame on the outside and with the frame on the inside. Wood on the inside gives your home a warm atmosphere while aluminium on the outside guarantees low maintenance and durability. 

PLATIN 82 has a slimline internal profile and the exterior is fully flush with the glass, resulting in pure simplicity. 
PLATIN PASSIV is passive house technology that looks simply great. It has been awarded the Passivehouse certificate from the Passivhaus-Institute in Darmstadt, Germany.

Thanks to their matching external aluminium surface, Josko windows offer the ability to combine different materials with one another, making it easy to find the best solution for your needs and budget. With Josko, all windows share a sense of harmony and aesthetic appeal.

MET, our flush interior door with an "invisible" and revolutionary wall-fitting frame system. The centerpiece of this door system is a special aluminium frame that can be rendered to become invisible. The door closes flush with the wall. The unique design of MET has been recognized with the prestigious Red Dot award.

Welcoming flush design

Josko front doors come in a multitude of designs and many types of exterior and interior surfaces which all feature excellent security and thermal insulation performance. Since the 1990's Josko has always been a European pioneer in developing and manufacturing front doors with flush design.

Nevos has been awarded the Passive House certificate from the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt, Germany, which was set up by Dr. Wolfgang Feist.


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